The game has changed over the past several decades. There are more and more things vying for an aspiring player’s time. School, social events, sports and just being a kid is a full-time schedule. How parents make it all fit is one of the third wonders of the world.

Coach Meadows has watched the evolution of the travel game, and all that goes along with that, more and more evaporate personal instructional time… within an already busy schedule. More and more, travel teams are marrying indoor facilities as indoor facilities are offering personal training as one of its enticements to keep the facility overhead covered. For most families with baseball and softball hopefuls, this makes it easier.

But in many instances, the training in most indoor facilities is similar to a cattle farmer herding cattle though one gate and out the other. Much of the personal development often times gets lost. Either because the instructor doesn’t have an idea of how to employ it within their training time or is just there to get the lesson done.

What ends up happening is that players continue to miss out on important life lessons as well as the top flight instructors not involved with the any given indoor facility.

To supplement this, Coach Pete Meadows has created a powerful program by which your player can have the most experienced coach and training instructor within 100-miles of Augusta, Georgia, giving oversight and consultative training using video.

He has packaged this unique training into what he calls his “CORE5” training. A training based on a culmination of nearly 30-years of personal and group training provided to over 30,000 players.

Coach Meadows offers individual specific training, providing insight and training adjustments, through video for clients. It’s fast and effective… as it saves you time in the developmental progression.

This way, short swing or throwing motion video clips of the player’s actual performance is the basis for the training. He helps parents target the actual elements of what needs to be addressed, as outlined in the CORE5 training content he provides. Parents will walk away from the training competent hitting instructors.

And yes, phone consultations are part of the program, as well as group wide tips and strategies which are provided for the CORE5 training members.

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