During the years Coach Meadows was putting his baseball experience on display, his off the field marketing was an ever growing commodity.

Over the past 15 years while maintaining a long standing baseball and softball training operation, Coach Meadows built numerous Direct Sales companies to the top of their compensation models.

Because of his very evident love for people and is innate ability to motivate individuals beyond their own expectations, he accomplished building four different companies to figure checks within 90-days or less, which is still considered to be an industry record.

His experienced cross over the Energy (Ignite), Vacation (TVI), Health and Wellness (Advocare) and Nutritional Beverage (FreeLife Goji) niches. Perhaps his best run was his 52-day out put leading to over $75,000 in commissions in less than two months.

He was even featured in another company’s five year running vitamin infomercial program.

Marketing Career Graphic

He believed the focus on personal development over product pushing always had a big influence on the successes he experienced, just as with his on field baseball coaching.

Following one of his last companies, Coach Meadows decided to turn his focus on creating and developing the tools by which individual direct sales, online and traditional marketing sales teams could use to enhance their branding and exposure. He chose video in 2011 to be the main focus of a brand new consultancy centered on video marketing.

Over the past several years, his entire focus has been dedicated towards developing the most cutting edge video marketing techniques and strategies. Since 2011, he and his team have uploaded tens of thousands of client videos from every continent of the globe, providing tremendous experience and insight to the coming age of video.

These experiences have provided the “Local Video Dynasty” team the very techniques and approaches that are now unmatched in the market place globally, especially relating to YouTube marketing for branding and SEO results.

This has given this firm the ability to grow well beyond the direct sales niche into an expansive and very successful local and enterprise based brick and mortar consultancy.

This despite Google onslaught against marketers of all types (and their client results), Coach Meadows and the Local Video Marketing team survived to see their innovative and next generation tool come of age.

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